May 11, 2020

WHY Earn Your Designation?

Traditional designations identify what you do or what you know – a Co.Mission designation highlights who you are as a person. A Co.Mission designation says, I’m a community conscious, charitable professional. I have been exclusively selected and held to a higher standard than the norm. I have pledged to give back to my community and serve beyond the standards required of my profession / business.

  • Exclusivity - professional designation – LIMITED designations are awarded per city and professional industry.
  • Professional recognition – A Co.Mission designation labels you as a top charitable professional in your area.
  • Accountability – Co.Mission designees are held accountable to report contributions and pledges made. It tells your audience / customers that you’re really doing what you say you are.
  • Credibility – Because Co.Mission designees are held accountable to report and renew annually, they are held to standards above their own.
  • Networking and referrals – Co.Mission designees are likely to refer to other Co.Mission designees, of all industries! 
  • Social media recognition – Designees are often recognized on social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Linked-In.
  • Connectedness to the community.
  • Feel good!
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