January 22, 2021

Georgetown, Texas - A Vibrant & Historical City

Brief Highlight Overview of the City

30 miles north of Texas’ capitol, you’ll find Georgetown, Texas. This small, but vibrant town is sweetly nestled along the San Gabriel River, contributing to the natural charm of the city. Featuring over 180 homes that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Georgetown is known for its dedication to preserving the area’s historical significance. After your refresher course in local history, set some time aside to catch the red poppies that bloom in abundance in the Spring. Also, 200 year old Pecan trees rooted in the San Gabriel park would be the perfect place to find some shade and host a picnic. The city remains one of the best places to spend some quality time outdoors. Set some time aside to catch the red poppies that bloom in abundance in the Spring or visit the 200 year old Pecan trees rooted in the San Gabriel park.

CFTC Designee Highlight

Business Advice from Charitable Business Leader

Tony Robbins has made a name for himself as the go-to guru for motivational inspiration. During an interview with Network Marketing Central, Tony Robbins exclaimed that the only way to be wealthy is “to do more for others than anybody else is doing.” By pouring your energy into others, you are not only investing in their success, but you are naturally cultivating a relationship that can be beneficial to both parties if approached properly. You can not force authenticity and those with their eyes open can see through it a mile away. So before you go just handing someone a business card, why not ask yourself how you can be of value to this person or organization? Then once you have your answer, go BE of value to this person or organization. You see, networking is about more than shaking hands and sourcing contacts, it is about building genuine relationships and the only way to do that successfully is by being genuine and unmatched in your desire to be of good service.

Good People Doing Good Things

There are certain organizations that our communities just cannot live without…and Helping Hands of Georgetown is one of them. While their mission has always been to help others help themselves by giving back, it meant more than ever this last year…

Over the holiday season, Helping Hands delivered 184 Christmas dinners to families in need. That means 184 families who did not have to feel hunger on Christmas! And that wasn’t all. In 2020, they were able to provide 175 night stays of emergency housing, pay more than 40 phone, medical or prescription bills, offer more than $4,500 in rent assistance and $2,000 in utility assistance. All while delivering over 2,000 family bags of pantry goods since the beginning of the pandemic.

In a year when many were forced to step back, Helping Hands stepped up to support the Georgetown community more than ever before.

Want to be part of something great? Click here to learn how you can help support this incredible Georgetown organization.

Must Do's in The Area

After World War II, legend has it that soldier Okra Compton brought home poppy seeds from the European war fields. His mother planted them in her yard, and before she knew it, the bright red flowers began to sprout all throughout Georgetown. No each year, thousands gather to celebrate the re-emergence of the poppies. Red Poppy Festival is a melting pot of art, music, food and culture spanning throughout the last weekend in April. Spread out through the landscape are 3 individual stages that will be home to some of the hottest performances of the season. On the second day of the festival, a parade fills the streets to put smiles on the faces of those citizens there to witness the floats, performances and the accompanying 5K run.

Stalactites, Stalagmites and Limestone Oh My! Discovered by the Texas Highway Department drilling team in 1963, Inner Space Caverns is a literal hidden gem beneath the surface of Georgetown. At 72 degrees cool and 69 feet deep, the Inner Space Caverns is the fourth largest cavern in Texas. The cave is noted by visitors as being a perfect way to cool down on a hot Texas afternoon. Sign up for one of the various tours to get a look at the forty-five species of animals that have been discovered within the limestone bedrock that makes up the cave.

The Sweet Eats Fruit Farm is not your average Adventure Farm and Petting Zoo. Sweet Eats has a dedication and commitment to sustainable, good-for-you and good for the earth produce, The farm, which began in 2013 makes an intentional effort to keep their 80 acres stocked with fruit bushes, activities and room to play available.

Charitable Mention

Family Eldercare is designed to protect our seniors and prevent them from being taken advantage of. This community led mission is to provide essential services such as counseling, guardianship, transportation, and in-home care. FE serves aging individuals, those with disabilities, and the caregivers that are a part of their support system. Family Eldercare strives to increase the independence of older adults, therefore upgrading their quality of life and increasing their well being.

Source: http://familyeldercare.org/?utm_source=hellogeorgetown&utm_medium=businesslisting&utm_campaign=websitelink

"Do what you can with all you have all of the time" - Theodore Roosevelt

Volunteer Opportunities in Georgetown

Faith in Action Georgetown is a non-profit organization that provides transportation and other support services that help seniors age 65 and over maintain their independence. Faith in Action is powered by volunteers and the team is always on the hunt for new volunteers. If you enjoy meeting new people, driving new places and have a few hours to give back to the seniors of Georgetown, please reach out to volunteering@faithinactiongt.org.

A year round gardening volunteer opportunity awaits at the Sunken Garden of San Gabriel Park. The garden is overseen by the Georgetown Garden Club. There is constant weeding, plant transport, and general maintenance help needed. No prior gardening experience is necessary. https://government.georgetown.org/become-a-volunteer/

The Georgetown Public Library has a variety of opportunities available for all kinds of personalities! Volunteer opportunities at the library range from event planning to behind the scenes support. No matter the role you play, the time you donate to the Georgetown Public Library is an investment on the enrichment and fulfillment of minds everywhere.



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