February 1, 2021

Belton, Texas - Small Town Charm, Big City Emotions

Belton tx

 Brief Highlight Overview of The City

A hodgepodge of culture and history, Belton, TX is a tiny, southern town between Austin and Waco. Belton features the exact kind of cozy charm you would expect from small town Texas. However, please don’t be mistaken, Belton has the power to elicit big city emotions with numerous nods to Texas’ Old Western roots both in the buildings and the hearts of families across Belton. Geographically stunning with its rolling hills and plains, Belton’s compact population of just a little over 20,000 people has plenty of room within the limits of their beloved city.

CFTC Designee Highlight

Business Advice from Charitable Business Leader About the Value of Professional Network

“Effective networking is about reversing the game everybody instinctively plays. It's about patience and buildup, not the close. We celebrate audacity and courage instead of patience and value. It's backwards, and when you make an effort to buck the trend, not only will you be noticed, but you'll be appreciated and remembered. Take that laundry list for what you will, but I assure you that the real takeaway here is to pay it forward first.” - Gary Vaynerchuk https://www.wsj.com/articles/BL-232B-2488

In order to continue to grow and be innovative, we must continuously re-evaluate our methods and systems. At some point or another in your career, you will be faced with an external influence that has the power to crumble your success. In this moment you will have the choice to either pivot and develop a strategy for capitalizing on the opportunity or to fold. It has been my experience that it is far easier to stand strong when you have a supportive, valuable network to gain insight from.

Business Advice From a Designee

“Listen to how your clients feel - not just what they say - to show you care!”

Did you know that Aundrea Dudik, Founder of Co.Mission for the Cause, is a licensed professional counselor by trade? While no longer practicing therapy, her empathy and communication skills have helped her build strong relationships with her clients - and have been the key to her success as a realtor.


Here’s what Aundrea recommends…

To be an extra effective communicator, don’t just listen to the words people say - listen for the feelings behind it all. Paying attention to how people feel shows you truly care. Especially in business, connecting with people on an emotional level is a powerful way to build client/customer loyalty.

Even if someone doesn’t tell you exactly how they’re feeling, the feeling is there - you just need to listen for it! Let them know you heard them loud and clear by summarizing it back to them.

For example…

The person you're speaking with may say: “I’m so ready to be out of my apartment and into a new home. There just isn’t enough space for my kids and they deserve more.”

You could respond with: “You’re tired of being cooped up and confined to such a small space and are motivated to find a beautiful and spacious new home. You really love your children and want to provide them with plenty of room and security.”

Even if you miss the mark a little, people generally appreciate the effort in knowing you worked to understand their situation! They feel heard and acknowledged - and they will remember that YOU made them feel that way.

We’re all HUMAN and humans are emotional creatures, so never underestimate the power of FEELINGS!

Pro Tip: Study a feelings chart to get clear on feeling words you don’t frequently use!

Good People Doing Good Things

Affirming the belief young children have in themselves is some of the most important work that a parent can do.

That’s why parent, playwright and Professor Kerry-Ann Zamore created the Affirmation Calendar project. After having the heartbreaking conversations with her young son about the death of George Floyd, she knew she needed to help young black boys feel confident in who they are, who they can be, and the role they can play in this world.

Partnering with several other Bell County mothers, Zamore created a 12 month picture calendar that showcases “affirmations for brown boys.” Zamore is also working on a documentary to talk to black mothers “about the intentional use of affirmations to their sons.”

A participating mother, Elizabeth Jennings, said “To really be a part of the Affirmations Project and highlight just how important it is to empower our boys, and for moms to have a role to speak life into them, it was amazing.”

You can read more about the Affirmations Project here or support their mission by buying a calendar here.

Source: https://www.kcentv.com/article/news/community/mothers-take-on-affirmation-project-to-foster-positive-growth-among-their-sons/500-13afe23f-6c1c-4778-a61d-b99213a3efbf

Must Do's In The Area

Chalk Ridge Lake Park

Located on the outskirts of Still Hollow Lake, along the Lampasas River, Chalk Ridge Lake Park is often recognized by locals for it’s incredible sunset views. This natural marvel is composed of walking trails that make up the majority of the landscape while beautiful waterfalls of all shapes and sizes await you around the bend. The local suspension bridge has also been deemed a sight-to-see.

Downtown Belton Market Days

Downtown Belton Market Days occur on every 3rd Saturday on Central Avenue.Belton Market Days are managed by the Downtown Belton Business Alliance, a voluntary organization comprised of local business and property owners aimed at promoting economic growth. The event features a number of local artists and creators, food vendors, and retailers alike.

The Gin at Walnut Creek

Located in a 1927 brick cotton gin that has been restored and converted into a restaurant complex, The Gin at Walnut Creek serves the kind of comfort food that is Texas’ claim to fame..Much of the original building has been preserved. You can still see the writing on the original wooden doors that feature calculations expected to have been written by farmers attempting to calculate their yield.

Stillhouse Lake - Scuba Divers Paradise

Learn to dive for the first time or get certified to dive anywhere in the world once the course has been completed. Divers of all levels can find a way to participate with multiple courses available onsite. Kayaking and canoes are also available for rent.

Charitable Mention

CASA of Bell and Coryell Counties - “When a child enters the foster care system, a judge may appoint a committed volunteer to help them. That volunteer is a Court Appointed Special Advocate, or a CASA.” CASA needs volunteers of all backgrounds from all walks of life in order to provide a well rounded perspective on the system as a whole. It is extremely important to the wellbeing and futures of the children CASA serves to have as many voices advocating for the best interest of these children as possible by truly getting to know them and their story in a way that others involved in their cases may not be able to.

"Success is … knowing your purpose in life, growing to reach your maximum potential, and sowing seeds that benefit others." --John C. Maxwell

Volunteer Opportunities in This Area

CASA of Bell and Coryell Counties - https://casabellcoryell.org/volunteer/ CASA volunteers are community leaders who advocate for safe, permanent, nurturing homes for children in the court systems by acting as an extension of a system put in place to give these children a stronger voice. The Bell and Coryell chapter is a member of the National Casa Organization. Apply today to begin making a difference in the lives of abused and neglected youth right in your hometown.

Helping Hands Ministry - https://www.helpinghandsbelton.org/volunteer At Helping Hands Ministry, new volunteers are always welcome and appreciated. Helping Hands Ministry’s mission is to end all poverty both spiritual and physical in the local area. Whether it is checking in clients at the front desk, working in the food pantry, the warehouse, their resale shop, or in the chapel, there is a great need for extra hands on deck to support this mission. Helping Hands generally needs volunteers on Mondays and Tuesdays from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. and on Thursdays from 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. Helping Hands Ministry is a place where people go when they want to connect and find comfort. Positions are available as a curbside/drive through pantry volunteer or in food rescue/home delivery.

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