A seal of approval for the elite, altruistic professional.
A Co.Mission to be Community . Committed.


Co.Mission for the Cause exists to build stronger communities through the generous support of elite, community focused business professionals. Co.Mission designees have been strategically selected and identified as top charitable professionals in their city; committed to exceptional service to their clients and persistent giving to their community. CFTC designees have pledged to contribute their time, money and resources - It’s the honors society of community conscious professionals.


To enhance the standard in doing business with a focus on community commitment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a professional designation?

A professional designation is a "stamp of approval" or title awarded by an organization, that demonstrates to others that a person has achieved a particular standard of excellence. Many designations often require that the designee pay regular dues, complete coursework and fulfill requirements particular to that organization.

 In reference to a Co.Mission designation, designees are required to pay annual fees and dues and honor their charitable pledge and commitment to serve their community and follow our code of conduct.

What sets a Co.Mission Designation apart from other designations?


Traditional designations identify what you do or what you know – a Co.Mission designation highlights who you are as a person. A Co.Mission designation says, I have been recognized as a top, community conscious and charitable professional. I have been exclusively selected and held to a higher standard than the norm. I have pledged to give back to my community and serve beyond the requirements of my profession.

By limiting the number of designations available, designees are encouraged to do more in their community vs "the bare minimum". We want to reward and acknowledge those serving their community to a higher standard and connect them with other professionals looking to grow their business and their impact. In selecting designees, we consider the whole person! Pledges may vary in monetary contributions, time contributions and services provided. 

Our designees are required to report bi-annual pledge updates, pay annual fees and dues and honor a strict code of conduct. 

How much does a Co.Mission designation cost?

Cost depends on Program license length – which is selected upon application. Applicant is not charged unless selected and awarded a formal designation.

At this time, the license is $499 USD for 1-year designations, $799 USD for 2-year designations OR $1299 USD for 5-year designations. Participant will also be required to pay annual renewal dues of $199 USD for 2-year designations or $99 USD for 5-year designations. All Participants are required to pay monthly membership dues of $14.99 USD for 1-year designations, $12.99 USD for 2-year designations or $9.99 USD for 5-year designations. 

All applicants are required to pay a $9.99, non-refundable application fee.

How are the number of designations determined?

Number of designations are determined per capita. 

*City population size determines number of designations awarded, in every professional specialty*

>100,000 population size = 1 designation
100,000 - 500,000 population size = 2 designations
500,000 - 1,000,000 population size = 3 designations 
<1,000,000 population size = 5 designations
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