Submit Your Application

This includes:

1) Your stated “pledge”. How you intend to give back to your community if selected as a designee. Some professionals give to a charity, some volunteer their time and some donate products or services. The pledge is yours to create so long as you can track your progress and make quarterly reports to Co.Mission for the Cause. Your pledge is displayed to the public if awarded designation.

2) Personal highlights. Volunteer hours completed to date, notable awards and recognitions you'd like considered as part of your application and a brief statement of what community involvement means to you. These will also be displayed to the public if awarded designation.

3) Program License Term Length Selection. Select a term length for your program license (1-year, 2-year or 5-year). This will outline how long you will be an exclusive designee of your profession, in your City. (You will only be charged if awarded designation).

4) Pay a non-refundable application fee of $9.99.

5) Acknowledge Terms and Agreement.

** Co.Mission for the Cause will review your application. If selected as a designee, you will be sent official award notice with your member portal login information and a license agreement to execute. Submission of an application does not guarantee designation. CFTC understands that every human has their own best skill set and takes the “whole professional” into account when reviewing applications. Simply submit your best!

Maintain Your Designation

Stay current on monthly membership fees and annual dues, honor your pledge, submit pledge updates as requested and abide by the Co.Mission code of conduct. 

Renew Your Designation

Designations are renewed based on initial application term selected. Regardless of term length, all designees will be required to submit pledge updates so that Co.Mission for the Cause can hold each designee accountable to their pledge as well as recognize their outstanding commitment and service to their community!

** If at any point a Co.Mission designee's character is brought to question i.e. client disputes designee is complying with pledge, designee will be responsible to provide proof of pledge contribution. Disputes must be resolved prior to renewal.
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